It was only a quick shot but one that I loved. My little one was running around the house today and suddenly she paused looking as though something had caught her eye. Perhaps it… Continue reading

What have I been doing?

I simply can’t believe it. Was it really way back in May that I started my blog? (and haven’t updated it since!!) The shame of it! Oh well, Shall we start again second chances… Continue reading

Little angel

Little angel

What they see we do not know, but we feel their loving gaze whereever we go…

A rather strange car

As I pulled on the handbrake I laughed out loud. What a strange sight I could see through my windshield. A car very colourful car with doodles and sketches all over it! They… Continue reading

Dressing up

There’s something so fantastic, so simple a pleasure as dressing up. It transports you back to childhood and makes you laugh out as an adult what a brilliant way to spend a rainy… Continue reading


Lunch provided an interesting opportunity for a fun photo-yeah for crisps!

In a way, I love it when there are floods.

I very rarely panic. But when my favourite weather (the rain) starts to fall a little too often my heart gives just that extra flutter. Like many people in Britain in 2007, my beautiful home… Continue reading

Lipstick still on

I couldn’t help but take a quick photo of this fella the other day. I’m not a fan of gnomes but something about the red lips and sleep expression made me think this little… Continue reading

Swirly whirly fun

It’s amazing how everyday children grow and develop. I took this picture when my daughter had her friends over to play. Not only does it describe the fast pace that children seem to… Continue reading