Self portrait mess

We all do them, whether it’s in the mirror with our small camera’s or mobile phones self portraits with the reflection of the camera in the photo are all too common, and I hate to say it RUBBISH!!! When I look at a photo I want to see YOU!!  I realise that sounds harsh but I recently saw one that my friend took and I really didn’t see the point you could she her eyes either side of her phone and that was it. WHY BOTHER??

Now, I know it’s not easy to take smashing photos of yourself. It’s even harder in some respects depending on your camera and equipment. But, I have tried to take some kick ass images this week just to try to do something different.

So, make up, hair curled and looking some what ‘Kate Bush’ like I had my first attempt….


As you can see I take myself oh so seriously…I decided to do a series in this vien with the same colours and use of props just as I had them to hand.


I’m definatly happy with the results, a happy experiment to do…