I really need a model…and a big dress…and to pay attention!!

I went on a little trip this week, not far only to the next county, but I found a little gem. The Town hall was open, for a craft fair, and I went for a little snoop.

What a lovely building! And what a gorgeous main room! Just look at the ceiling!!!IMG_4165


Okay, not the best of photos but I only had my phone with me.I broke my rule and didn’t take my main camera (my canon 450D) with me…however I did have a two-year old to carry and a husband to drag around. Sometimes I do wish I had a pack-horse to follow me around….

Anyhow, I really wanted to find someone to ask if I could hire that hall even if it was just for an hour or two. I couldn’t find a soul, which was unsurprising given the amount of people there for the fair, but no doubt there is an email address somewhere on that world-wide web I so often drift through…but my point to this is I would really like to go back, with a model and a big ball dress…ANY VOLENTEERS???

As luck would have it I did have a fair brief opportunity to go back to Worcester (UK) but me being me I made another rookie mistake and didn’t check my levels on my camera before I started taking pictures…only after I stopped to take a few of my other half did I realise I had made yet another mistake!! But as normal I couldn’t double back and take pictures of the building again. SIGH…I really do need to pay more attention to what I’m doing!!

This was the terrible moment I realised what I’d done!! Trying to fix it I took this snap…which was a little odd but I kind of like it so mucked about with when editing…IMG_9960