Love Letters


They are rarity these days, which is a pity. But Love letters were once a way to confess your inner most thoughts to your hearts desire. They of course were not the only way, actions have always said to be louder than words, but words, especially the written ones, I feel, have a more permanent response.

You can read them again and again, nothing can be forgotten or taken back and there is a force in that proves comforting and powerful. Why did so many solders in the first and second world wars send so many letters and cards home? (true there was no internet or telephone’s to call as readily available as they are to us today) but in their way, I believe that the news carried within these small tokens gave hope to the loved ones back home. Hope, that there men would come home alive. But there must have been some comfort to the men writing them as well. In the hellish conditions and actions of war, their thoughts were still with those at home. They fought to keep them safe and keep their liberties.


But even before the world wars song and verbal stories carried with them the message of our hearts. The rise of the romance and troubadour ‘movement’ only shows that even in a violent society, where marriage was an institution¬†of policits rather than the heart, there was a need to explore the other side of our human nature. Something as powerful as love and the pursuit of it can not be ignored.

Love is all

I will admit I am a very deep and hopeless romantic. Any little indication (even if its my hubby making me a cup of tea without me asking) makes me go all weak at the knees.
There are some people out there that don’t see the point, especially on Valentines day, to make a massive fuss. I can see their point. I don’t believe that you should only have romantic gestures on one day of the year only to semi ignore your spouse or partner for the rest of it. (Lucky my husband agrees! and treats my ever yearning heart to regular little gifts and surprises!)
So here is the question, does romance and I don’t just mean the occasional bouquet of flowers, have place in today’s society?

Lets be honest how many of us have ever sent or received a love letter? I will admit I have sent a few in my time and had one or two back (only out of requirement rather than a longing I fear) and they’ve long since meet the same fate as the relationships and been lost or destroyed. But what is it in today’s society that stops us from putting pen to paper?
I don’t believe that we are that different to those who have come before us. We still fall in and out of love do we not? But is that it? Do we fall in and out of relationships so often that we can no longer feel attached to someone long enough to set the proper foundations of romance and love? Or do we simply think of letters as too old-fashioned?

We’ve all seen the movies, The Notebook, The Lakehouse even Sex and the City 2 had its form of love letters in it! (so much so that the mythical prop book ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ Carrie Bradshaw had in the beginning of the movie became in demand from fans and had to be created!!!) So can it be that we no longer crave these little tokens of affection?
I think that instead of going out this valentines and buying some small soft toy, a box of chocolates or even flowers I would write a love letter. It would mean more to the person in your life (especially the women I think!!). It might even teach the other person in your life something about new about your relationship that they didn’t even know. Why not give it a go!