It’s the etch a sketch end of the world!

“The Etch-a-Sketch End of the World” basically, God going, “No,  no, no! Don’t know what that is, don’t recognize  that anymore.”

Eddie Izzard

That’s how I feel at the moment, I’ve had three or four ideas on how to write this post and each time I’ve had to start again. It can be so frustrating when you’re trying to figure out which way your path is taking you. At the moment mine is leading to new adventures with not only moving house but studio as well!

Subconsciously I thought all was well with that idea but as I was typing up my first draft for a post I realised that I was being drawn to roots and heritage again. My photographs unconsciously reflected it. I was suddenly taking pictures of the house left right and centre all those cosy and comforting ideas that bring home were brimming in my thoughts. The matter was heightened by the snow that visited again, after all, no matter the weather inside our homes provide shelter and warmth.

The Winter

It’s such a bizarre thing to open your front door, to strangers, and show them round to critique, what is still your home. You can’t help but wonder ‘what are they really thinking?’ Its hard when you still love your house.

The move has made me get very sentimental about this house. My husband and I have owned it for six years. We were newly weds in this house, we saved all our pennies to decorate it exactly as we wanted and then brought our first child home here. It will be a sad day when I start to pack, but necessary to say goodbye I think. Isn’t it funny how we get attached to these things but houses in particular. What is it that they really mean to us? They are only a few walls, painted in a simple colour or rather, in my case, a mural that no one else likes but you….(what can I say I like Lily’s…) but are they more? Afterall we spending most of time there. We laugh, we cry and find safety there with our own mini tribes, our families. I will miss this house but I also find something glorious in the next.

Bye, bye little lily flowers  My Lilly flowers they’re bold and beautiful and decorate my living room wall! I was inspired by the fantastic bright walls in Camden, London. But my husband wouldn’t let me put lion wearing a crown on our walls….kill joy!

And my other move, my studio will shortly be relocated as well…nothing like adding bit more stress into your life, eh? But, as  a photographer, and as an ever resourceful member of that crowd, (or perhaps I should say ever creative) that doesn’t stop me from exploring something a little new. With the help of my beautiful model Mel and my sister Tori, I was able to explore another side of my business. Tease me

Tease Photography explore’s the sexual sexy side of our lives. A boudoir photography experience that shows how graceful and sensual you really are!

Sexy legs

Many people believe that they are not sexy enough for a photo shoot like this. That they need to lose a few pounds before they’d even consider getting in front of the camera. But, I believe that the human body is utterly amazing and so beautiful. Who really cares if you’re a size zero or thirty? I myself am a large size but see that I still have attractive features. Every woman has something they love about themselves and other things they hate, my boudoir photo shoots focus on the parts you love. Your neck, your lips, your bum! Why not celebrate who you are? Why not stand up and say ‘I am what I am!’

Tease me

Boudoir imges make great presents for the man in your life or for yourself! Why not give it a go, email Natalie Jolley at photo 3