My goodness this is hard…

Well, it hasn’t been a disaster but it hasn’t been perfect either. I had every intention of updating and uploading so many wonderful pictures and words for others to enjoy and yet I only managed a handful. A dreadful shame but I only have my own lazy and unfathomable skill of being completely unorganised to blame. But the blame does lie with me, something we don’t always admit too.

But enough of the january gloom! It is a new year, with plenty of possibilities!! So, I’m aiming a little lower than this time. I’m going to try for a post a week from here onwards…if I manage to do a little more than that then all the better. But at least one post a week with a variety of photos from that week, that’s the idea!

Lets start!!!

Well, the snow, that’s what the big news is really. I’ve had to laugh at the chatter on the various social networks over the past few days. Most people were absolutely delight when the snow first arrived taking pictures of their children on the sledges throwing snow balls at each other. Everyone enjoyed the snow day off work and the usual school run drudgery. But within a few days there was the usual outcry of ‘No more snow!’ began to be bounded around. ‘Heathens’ I shout!! I love the snow and all its complications. Not only does the snow uplift the horrid background of the usual grey january skies but it gives the chance for us adults to get a little spiritual high. Relive memories of our childhood and all the fun we had in the snow. And as for the complication well so what if you need to use your brain to concentrate a little more, isn’t that what it’s for?

There is a poetic side to the snow Lewis Carol wrote “”I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields,that it kisses them so gently? And that it covers them snug…with a white quilt”. I can’t help but love that imagery, and that thought.

All hail the snow!! That’s what I say and this fella agree’s with me!


That my friends is the face of happiness! and that’s what the snow means t me!!


It’s been uplifting to open my windows and see this everyday! But it’s not just the actual snow that’s fantastic it’s what it brings. Am I completely alone in finding a stranger, more powerful enjoyment reading a book curled up on the sofa with a huge blanket over me while I know its snowing outside? Or that the bread just out of the oven smothered in butter is better when your watching the snow fall? Maybe I am…but I don’t think so!