What have I been doing?

I simply can’t believe it. Was it really way back in May that I started my blog? (and haven’t updated it since!!) The shame of it! Oh well, Shall we start again second chances and all that…

So what have I been doing since may? Well, oddly enough I have actually been taking photos just simply not posting them!

Life has been quickly firing the major three stepping stones of life (birth, death and marriage) in my direction as well as various fun and exciting oddities that come along to fill in the gaps.

But what to talk about today-which occasion should I start with? What do I wish to share?

Well, choosing a picture will start things of nicely…maybe this one.



Until very recently I have been out and about as a new mum, and as such I have all but abandoned the adult likes of my life. Historic houses have always been one such love and I was hugely thankful to friends whom came to visit recently as I finally got reason to go to a local house and indulged in my imagination.

What was it like to live in these grand houses? Did they ever feel like a home? (Can any large space ever feel intimate?)

In this particular house (Grey friars in Worcestershire A National Trust property) you could clearly see the diversity of the roles that the family who lived here played. The study, a clearly masculine area was very different from the parlour which seemed softer due to the female influence. I could imagine a lady lounging on the couch. A cigarette burning idly in an ashtray beside her as she looked through a magazine. A long string of pearls heaving on her every deep breath.


















Is it just me or can you imagine sitting in that chair writing a gothic adventure of love and romance?

Or staring out of the window waiting for the inspiration to flow through your eyes into hand, writing on the velum in front of you?

What about the nights you spent next to fireplace (Pictured just out of sight, but I can assure you it’s there!) reading over those books! The classic’s , the literary figures of the day…oh I’m simply salivating!!!

But the library was were my heart really fluttered. I have always had a deep love for books and looking over the dark wooden selves the familiar ache in my stomach started. I desperately want a library similar to this one (maybe with a few little girly extras) but I want to rebuild my house to accommodate one!!

As the Spooky Mrs Green said at the time can you imagine walking up (or indeed) down these stairs with only a candle in your hand?















What secrets are hidden in this chest? What papers of unknown origin tell dark fables of Germanic forests and the minions who lurk in the shadows?









Can you tell I missed walking around these buildings? They are a treasure though. A part of our history that should inspire imagination no matter what your age.