A rather strange car


As I pulled on the handbrake I laughed out loud. What a strange sight I could see through my windshield. A car very colourful car with doodles and sketches all over it! They spread out from the front, that had a white back ground, over the back of the vehicle where it’s body changed colour again this time to pink! What mad mind had created this strange masterpiece!
I got out, cautiously, and approached this portable objet d’art. The last thing I felt like I wanted to do was meet the owner of this car, would he or she be as insane as the graffiti that decorated their car?! Of course no one came out, no loud shouts from a kitchen window or opened front door told me to move away from what i didn’t own. But I’m sure retrieving my camera from my back pack twitched a few kitchen curtains.
Now I wonder would it have been so uncomfortable meeting this person? What a conversation I might have had! So here is a lesson learnt- don’t be shy around people. The camera usually can be a key that can unlock a door to meeting some outstanding people and there hearing stories.