In a way, I love it when there are floods.

I very rarely panic. But when my favourite weather (the rain) starts to fall a little too often my heart gives just that extra flutter. Like many people in Britain in 2007, my beautiful home was ruined by high flood waters. Its nothing new, here in the shire we’ve always had to deal with the river breaking its banks and covering the local parks and meadows.  Where I grew up the local meadows would flood with alarming regularity all the way through April and into May.

So considering the rain hasn’t stopped falling for the last week (or is it longer than that? I confess! I’ve lost count!) you can guess where I went with my camera.

There’s something very beautiful about it, something that I love about the tree’s looking as though they’re growing out of water. The way that there is no real shore line as there would be in a lake or something man has tampered with. This is not man-made but made by nature. Raw nature.

I like the idea that these meadows have always done this, that water has found  its way here since they were created. I know this is probably not the case, but its strange how one event stretched so far back in mind couldn’t go further back, way back into the heritage of the land and space.

besides I’d rather it flood here than anywhere else, especially my house!

But let’s say something on the photos. It’s something that I think I’ve missed out on so far in the blog.

I’m finding it challenging to get out there everyday with my trusty little black number (the camera). But I’ve been fairly happy with what I’ve captured as it has made me look at the world around me with more urgency, (at least to the details of the world around me).

And I think the second photo shows that. The wider shots of the flooded meadows were fab but as I crouched near the edge of the flood I noticed that the usual little flecks of algae that usually floated on the surface of the still water pooled in a estray just off the river now covered the water near my feet.

The clover that it nestled in seemed an adequate surrogate bedfellow. I just liked the contrasts of the different greens.

In a way, I love it when there are floods it reminds me of changes in seasons, and changes in life. But there are also memories. Plus, I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one enjoying the floods this cheeky chappie also jumped straight in when he saw the water, nice one Ben!