Crystal kisses from grey skies are on my windowpane

In my car I sighed deeply against the coldness of the rain. It’s the second day that the heavy grey clouds have gathered over my home town and let the rain fall. I sat with head back against the fabric headrest and shivered as the cold water from the puddle I’d just stepped in seeped further up the base of my jeans. I had come into town with the idea of taking some shots of people out in the rain. But, as with most small towns most people had decided to stay at home.

I stared out of my car window, and took the first photo. I had been trying to get the man with his back to me sheltering under the ubiquitous open black umbrella but on auto focus my camera was confused and would only focus on those oval crystal clear  kisses of rain peppering my window.

  It’s something to work on, after all this is what this blog is all about. Trying to learn more on my hobby!

I watched the bus pull up and the people clamber to get on. Where have manners gone?

I started the engine and looked in the rearview mirror to be met by the patience smile of my baby. What must she think mama is doing with that odd instrument in front of her face.

I continue on my way, it’s getting late in the day and my thoughts are lingering on a site I had seen on my way out the door this morning. among the flowers on the roads side down the lane where I live. The daffodils have died away leaving their long luscious leaves, lingering among the high grass.  Tucked in amongst these speared blades of greenery was a lonely yellow tulip.  When the daffodils had been in bloom I hadn’t noticed it but since they had long gone I couldn’t help but notice it, especially since it’s possible one of my most favourite flowers.

Asleep in the  back from the motion of the car mt baby napped, I realised I could pull over in the lane as I turned the corner. There was no traffic, there very rarely is this far out-of-town so I pulled over. I didn’t bother to throw on my coat and knelt in the mud to see what I could capture.

The pictures that I got were pretty, perfectly alright for a novice like me. You have to start somewhere after all, you can’t be an expect in something straight away.  So here are my petals in glorious rainy dew.

My images of the tulip. I love the sunny colours of the petals with the small streaks of red spreading through the veins of the petals.  It might sound morbid but I like the fact that you can see these red veins especially since the tulip is now near its end. Life’s circle completing itself.