The second day

I woke up early this morning and I was excited. I tried to think of what would be possible today with my camera, but I guess the real question was what would the world offer me today. That question was soon answered when I opened my bedroom curtains and saw…rain.

Many people, who have only just started to really practise photography (like me), might have thought ‘Oh well can’t really do much today.’ But for some reason I didn’t think that. Somewhere in the back of my mind  I remembered a article I once read that talked about the weather and how a photographer could use it. I wanted to make a feature of the rain, to show that you could take brilliant pictures despite elements beyond your control. So, my smile broadened and my hand reached for my camera.

I was enjoying the smooth surface of it in my hands, the weight of it as it sat comfortably in my palms. With each click and whirl of the shutter another goose bump appeared on my arm. But, the necessities of new motherhood soon distracted my attention and the camera, left on the side (high up away from little fingers) was settled down for the afternoon.

Thank goodness for my iPhone! It captured the first picture I was reasonably happy with! It was between heavy rain showers. I had run back from one end of the garden and out of the corner of my eye the brightness of the Ivy stopped me. And it was then I realised something. Looking around me, everything seemed green and white. Spring was bursting forth in every direction but in my garden the only devastating beautiful colour was coming from the ivy that was ebbing forth on the thick grey stone walls.

You would have been forgiven for thinking that the colours were that of autumn and not spring but that was part of the beauty that attracted me. I managed to get this quick pic, just before the rain started to fall again.