Let’s begin…

Hello and Welcome!

Three Six Five, Days of Life is my first attempt at a blog. I’m finding it slightly scary, but hopefully this will be worth while. What’s the idea I’m selling? Well, I have to admit its not mine, but it is a good one. Or rather, one that appeals to me.

The challenge is to take one photo each day, for one year, detailing something in my life that I love, or that I’m happy with.Basically, something to be thankful for. Since I always have a camera in my hand that shouldn’t be a problem!

But I want to go further than that, I want to see how looking at the small things in life, by taking this fast hectic world we live in down a notch, what I can discover. And what I can learn.

So come with me, lets go and take a closer look at this world that we live in. Who knows what we’ll find along the way!