The last day of July

On the cusp of a new (and very busy) month I wanted to take a moment to think back on the Summer so far. I have had some excellent adventures with my family… Continue reading

Winter wonder

Just a quick post today on this wonderful marvel I found on the side of the road! It doesn’t sound promising does it but just check it out… This is a section of… Continue reading

Self portrait mess

We all do them, whether it’s in the mirror with our small camera’s or mobile phones self portraits with the reflection of the camera in the photo are all too common, and I… Continue reading

I really need a model…and a big dress…and to pay attention!!

I went on a little trip this week, not far only to the next county, but I found a little gem. The Town hall was open, for a craft fair, and I went for a… Continue reading

Love Letters

They are rarity these days, which is a pity. But Love letters were once a way to confess your inner most thoughts to your hearts desire. They of course were not the only… Continue reading

It’s the etch a sketch end of the world!

“The Etch-a-Sketch End of the World” basically, God going, “No,  no, no! Don’t know what that is, don’t recognize  that anymore.” –Eddie Izzard That’s how I feel at the moment, I’ve had three… Continue reading

My goodness this is hard…

Well, it hasn’t been a disaster but it hasn’t been perfect either. I had every intention of updating and uploading so many wonderful pictures and words for others to enjoy and yet I… Continue reading

An experiment

It didn’t go perfectly but it wasn’t a disaster don’t forget I’m learning. (Aren’t we all, everyday?) I fell in love, you see, with a photo taken of a couple sharing a tender… Continue reading

Just a photo


Offically Autumn

That’s it, I’m calling it. Summer is gone. It’s officially Autumn now in the UK. Not just because the mornings are that bit colder or the apples on the tree’s in the garden, fat… Continue reading